Jagged Glacial Spires

by The Midwest Hackers

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Composed, arranged and produced by Danny Hynds
Mixed by Danny Hynds, Joey Lemon and Jordan Snow
Mastered by Joey Lemon
Photograms by Danny Hynds
Design/layout by Hannah Fehrman, Pat Elifritz and Danny Hynds
Polybag Design by Pat Elifritz and Danny Hynds


released October 16, 2012

Danny Hynds: Voice, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, ondes martenot, tuba, programming, field recordings

Marissa Deitz: Cello samples (3, 8)

Kyle Nicholson: Flugel horn, trumpet (1, 5, 6)

Claire Nicholson: Bassoon (1, 5)

Aaron Hynds: Tuba samples, field recordings (1, 6)



all rights reserved


The Midwest Hackers Chicago

We are an ambient group based out of Chicago.

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Track Name: Porcelain
I lay my hands on you like you are porcelain,
the taste in my mouth pulls me in,
you open yourself up to let me come inside,
we're starting off real slow,
gradual pulsations,
pale skin glowing like snow,
while beads of sweat cover us,

I have become your virus,
attached to it's host,
I have become your virus,
feeding on your...

Giving myself over to the urges I forgot I had,
the secrets of a wanderer finding a new way home,

I have become your virus,
attached to it's host,
I have become your virus,
entering you.
Track Name: Dancers Form
Is it the differences between us that draws me to your hand?
Incandescent lights surround her,
She lives within a love unplanned,

She is a pirouette within stillness,
the silence within deafening bliss,
a precious creature of unknown lust,
her body speaks an inviting touch,

I love her slightly crooked eyes and her dancers form,
and when I wander in her eyes I feel a lightning storm,

Take my heart,
escape with me,
the curves of our bodies form ecstasy,

Will I ever know her as a lover?
Or simply another fading star?
Will I ever know her as a lover?
Or simply another distant world?
Track Name: My Lovely Queen
I wander through life as I exist,
without the power to change at all,
when all around me is pitch dark,
I doubt that I will ever come back,
Well this is my last attempt at leaving,

Please let me learn from my mistakes,
please let me see all it takes,
please let me find my lovely queen,

I have searched the ends of the earth,
tried to hunt down a willing savior,
to take my life into the stars,
the queen to save me from the gallows,
come take me from this nightmare,
you'll save me from this nightmare.
Track Name: Shapeshifter
I'll take my time,
carefully become everything you desire,
the perfect lover,
whatever you want,
I'll fall into your trap.
Track Name: Cold Landscape
Lying next to you tonight in the snow covered hills,
studying your pale figure,
the animal inside lingers,
hunting for a source of warmth in this cold landscape,
the frost will melt away,
pressed against your fragile form,
we become a violent storm,
in this cold landscape I will devour you.
Track Name: Mutual Desires
What would happen if we found ourselves alone under the moonlight?
Would we explore our mutual desires?

Embracing finally.